22 December 2005

Food cravings

Nicotine is an appetite suppressant; smoking burns calories and because of this metabolism is slightly boosted. What can we do to keep weight under control as we go through the process of recovery from nicotine addiction? The answers are simple:

- Because quitting smoking slows the metabolism, getting some form of daily exercise is very important. If you are having a bad day, get out for a walk. It will clear your mind and improve your attitude.

- Avoid refined foods, especially sugar (cause a fast rise in blood sugar followed by a fast drop - a perfect recipe for cravings!); reduce foods and drinks that are stimulants (coffee, chocolate, alcohol).

- Do yourself a favor and remove tempting, high fat foods from your home. Do not have a chocolate cake on the counter begging you to cut a slice! If you have an intense craving for a hot fudge sundae, it's better to go out and have one at a restaurant than it is to keep all of the ingredients to make it on hand in the house.

Many people quit smoking and decide it is time to clean their lives up in other areas as well. That is great, but be careful. If you try to do too many self-improvement projects at once, you run the risk of failing at all of them.

If you gain a few pounds while going through the process of quitting tobacco, so be it. The benefits will affect your life as well as those who love you in more ways than you can imagine. You can quit smoking without gaining a lot of weight. Do not let the fear of weight gain keep you chained to an addiction that will kill you, given the chance. Weight can be lost, lungs cannot.


Anonymous said...

Are those animal pictures real?

Anthony said...

Those smoking animals images are inside "smoking animals" post. Lion is just breathing out fumes in cold air. Chimpanzee is spending time on cigarette-butt of it's own free will, but frog has no choice to give up smoking this cigarette-butt... And finally the photo with smoking dog, hmmm, I really do not know... I heard that some monkeys are able to smoke like humans, but I don't know exactly and I've never heard this about dogs. I will find info about smoking animals and post it as a comment to "smoking animals" post.

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