22 December 2005

My Quit Smoking Story

My Quit Smoking StorySome words about my quitting smoking story, I think that visitors of QuitSmokingPro.com should know about it. I still have not posted about it inside my blog...

I smoked 4 years (1994 – 1998), and then stopped it for 4 years (1998 - 2002). I dreamt that I am smoking maybe 5-7 times after this quitting. The dream was always the same: I am smoking and the smoke is empty, insipid and I feel bad, because of this relapse and have no pleasure from smoking. I awoke with happiness that it was just a dream. Then some day I decided that I am "return bend" and I am able to have one cigarette… So, I smoked around 10 cigarettes a day until 21 December 2005.

21 December 2005 was mine first day of my own quit smoking challenge. It is my daughter 1 month birthday, so I hope that I am happy and lucky enough to stop smoking. I have done as pros recommended me: "More over, you must determine the appropriate day when you will stop smoking. The best choices are on your birthday, on the first day of New Year, on some special anniversary or maybe on the first day of your holidays, when you have more time for yourself".

Today, 22 December is my second day and I have not slept like a log this night. I think I will suffer from insomnia (sleeplessness) for some days. One part of me does not want to smoke while another part of me, desperately wants to smoke. Both parts are now fighting each other. However, I hope I will survive.