04 January 2006

15-day life as nonsmoker – hard times are over

Today is fifteens day for me and I am happy that I have spent these days without cigarettes. It is hard some times to make my mood positive, but I am happy not to have a cough every morning and not to have this smoking stick that kill me in my hand. I still have one and a half of pack of cigarettes at home, but I need to give it to someone of my friends, who is still smoking.

I have found some interesting advices like this one –
"Do not relive your days as a smoker".
I am going to modify it to –
"Do not believe your days as a smoker"…
Other advises that I think appropriate for me also:
Remember - one cigarette is too many;
Avoid boredom - keep a good book with you or go to the movies;
Get more sleep - try to go to sleep earlier and get more rest;

Some good reasons to be nonsmoker for the rest of my life:
I will live longer and live better;
Non-smoking will lower my chance of having a heart attack, stroke, or cancer;
The people I live with, especially my child, will be healthier;
I will have extra money to spend on things other than cigarettes;

Finally, about haste and hurry - there is plenty of time, so use patience and time as your quit friends. Best advice for this moment for me:
People who quit smoking want to have all of the discomforts associated with recovery from nicotine addiction to be over with quickly. It is understandable, but not realistic. Recovery from this habit that held us hostage for so long takes time, and the more you can relax and use time to your advantage, the better you will do. Be patient with yourself and understand that you are going through a healing process that is very personal. How long it takes you to put smoking behind you should not be compared with anyone else. Trust in the process and give yourself the time you need to heal. Get up every day determined not to smoke and be grateful and proud of every smoke free day you complete. Time will take you further and further away from the familiarity of smoking, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

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