08 January 2006

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

It is not that cold turkey is the only way to quit, it is just that cold turkey is the scheme which gives people the best chance of success. It is the approach that all but a small percentage of long-term ex-smokers in the world used to successfully quit smoking. Popular and well-known lexical meaning of this phrase is: quit smoking without using any smoking cessation aids such as nicotine gum or patches. The genesis of the phrase cold turkey is not completely transparent, but there are some explanations:

1. In the state of drug withdrawal the addict's blood is directed to the internal organs leaving the skin white and with goose bumps and thus resembling a turkey.

2. Cold turkey is a food that requires little preparation in the kitchen. So to quit like cold turkey is to do so suddenly and without preparation.

3. "Cold turkey" is actually based on another colloquial phrase, "to talk turkey" (sometimes "to talk cold turkey"), meaning to face unpleasant truths squarely.

Quitting smoking cold turkey is the most popular and the most successful, method for quitting. It may also be the most challenging due to the gravity of withdrawal symptoms. Everyone is able to improve chances for permanently quitting with the cold turkey technique with these simple advises:

- Do not drink alcohol, coffee, but do drink lots of water to help you handle your hunger - it is good for you, and calorie-free!

- Take 10 deep breaths; count down from 10 to 0, very slowly. Breathe deeply with each count.
Remind yourself of your reasons for giving up smoking.

- Take a shower or bath if possible. Learn to relax quickly and deeply. Brush your teeth.

- Do brief bursts of exercise. Take a quick walk. Walk up a flight of stairs, or touch your toes…

- Call a friend when you feel like reaching for a smoke. Redirect your attention.

And the advice I like most of all: So much of your life used to revolve around cigarettes. These feelings will pass; try to keep in mind that smoking a cigarette will only make you feel worse in the end. Never allow yourself "one won't hurt" idea, because it will…

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