21 February 2006

Smoking Cessation Quit Meters - Track Smoke Free Time

Quit meters are downloads which, when installed on your computer, keep a running log of your smoke free time. Several are available free online. Many will also track various statistics as you quit smoking - life saved, cigarettes not smoked and money saved. Quit meters are effective stop smoking motivational tools.

Quit Keeper
Quitting can be a tough process, every encouragement can make a tremendous difference - that is where Quit Keeper comes in. Not only will it keep track of your stats, it will track of all of your quit buddies and let you know when their milestones are approaching. A quit meter that is absolutely free!

QuitMeter Counter Standalone
QuitMeter Counter Standalone calculates to the second (or minute, or hour, or month, or year—you name it!) how long it has been since quitting smoking, along with the amount of money saved. The program is fully skin able and completely customizable via the vice-o-matic[tm] interface. This whimsical meter has a one-time fee of $9.95 U.S. dollars, but you can download it free for a week to try it out first.

This meter is similar to the ShareMeter above. Good for Mac users. Use the page to calculate smoke free time. You are able to include a QuitMeter Counter on your own web page.

QuitTime Quit Meter
QuitTime is a free downloadable Windows quit meter. It gives you smoke free time, cigarettes not smoked, money saved and life saved by not smoking. When you minimize QuitTime, this information can be displayed on the windows taskbar so you can see at a glance the progress you've made. You can also hot paste this information into any windows editor to let other people know how great you're doing!

Quitomzilla is a Firefox, Thunderbird and Mozilla Suite extension that aims to help you quit smoking while you surf the web or wait for new emails. It appears as a small icon in the application (browser or email client) status bar. When you pass the mouse pointer over this icon, a tooltip will be shown giving the information about cigarettes, money and time saved. Quitomzilla raises an alert notification every time you reach a "milestone". It can display stats in several different languages as well.

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