28 March 2006

Halt (h.a.l.t.) - cessation, stopping

You know h.a.l.t. is Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. The more advanced list is happy, angry, hungry, tired, lonely, bored… When you stopped smoking some of these (or all of these) pursue you – when you are angry you think that smoking would calm down you, when you are tired you think that cigarette would help you.

Do you remember time when you did not get yourself far away from cigarettes? Do you feel depressed with fact that you need to stop yourself from naturally desired cigarette? Instead of this try to remember these old days when you did not start smoking. Was it too long time ago? Surely. You made a decision to smoke once, and you should make bold to make yourself responsible for this decision. You should stop thinking about cigarettes…

Say: I do not want to smoke, I quitted smoking and I do not waste my time thinking about cigarettes…

Do you like this mantra? :)

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