27 July 2006

Easy quit smoking plan

Mark Twain said, "Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it a thousand times."

Successful quitting is a matter of planning and commitment, not luck. Once you've made a decision to quit, do give yourself enough time to prepare and come up with a plan.

Pick a quit date as your Quit Day. This is a very important step. List your reasons for quitting and put the list where you will see it often.

Tell your family, friends and colleagues that you are going to quit and ask for their support. You have better chances to quit, if you have help. Tell friends and family about your Quit Day.

Avoid common mistakes that may hurt a quit attempt. Reduce or stay away from alcohol. Avoid people and places where you are tempted to smoke.

Saving money is just one more good reason to quit smoking. Give yourself a financial incentive. It may be a nice piece of jewelry you have always wanted, a new car, an extended vacation or cruise.

You will have an easier time quitting with exercise added to your smoking cessation plan. Benefits of exercise include stress reduction, reduced depression and craving for nicotine, improved mood, confidence and physical conditioning.

The best thing you can do to stay smoke-free is to prepare yourself long before your quit date. Plan exactly how you will get through cravings. Decide what you'll do before the quit day hits. Put all your energy into your new healthy life, and you can successfully quit smoking.

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