30 August 2006

Are you stressed out?

Stress is generally known for its bad effects. A highly stressed person often suffers from a feeling of fatigue, sleeplessness and in severe conditions it leads to nervous breakdown also. Constant headaches, poor sleep, failure of performance are common symptoms of a highly stressed out person. Often people look for temporary reliefs like alcohol, smoking or even drugs.

Even many years after quitting you will still be tempted to smoke again, because you once knew how 'good' it felt like to smoke. You do not have physical addiction to cigarettes anymore but since the behavioral habit was once there, you may feel the need to smoke in certain circumstances. You must recognize this and start taking proper actions to combat this trick of the mind.

Those, who think that 'smoking tobacco release stress', should know that this is not true. In fact, smoking is just a satisfaction of the nicotine addiction. When you light up you just improve your chances to get high blood pressure, heart disease, throat cancer, lung cancer, emphysema, heart attack and other types of cancer. Find an alternative to release your stress. The best way to avoid stress is by doing exercises and relaxing.

Also you should know that stress, a condition that generally leads to tension, restlessness, and mood swings, has good effects too. Stress, at times, acts as a stimulant and silent motivator, which ultimately increases the performance level of an individual. A stressed person always tries to perform well, ending up achieving the unachievable. It acts as a force that pushes a person to try things beyond their limits.

When a person is stressed out there is a surge of adrenaline in his body, hormones are released which make the mind and body more alert and this improves the performance. If experienced constantly stress can lead to fatigue, but if stress comes in a small quantity, it is beneficial. In other words, when there is a balanced amount of stress, performance is maximum.

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