17 August 2006

Increased heart attack risks

People exposed to cigarette smoke for as little as an hour a day increase their risk of a heart attack by almost a quarter. Those exposed to three hours of passive smoke daily were found to increase their risk by more than 60 percent. Heart attacks were three times as common in smokers than in people who had never smoked.

Chewing tobacco doubled the chances of having a heart attack, as did smoking eight to 10 cigarettes a day. Tobacco use of any kind, including smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, inhaling secondhand smoke and puffing on "bubble" pipes, is seriously bad news for your heart health, because ALL forms of tobacco exposure increase heart attack risks.

Public health efforts to prevent people from starting the habit and promote quitting in current smokers will have a large impact in the prevention of heart attacks worldwide. The good news for smokers is that much of the added risk of a heart attack recedes after quitting - a great reason to kick the tobacco habit for good.

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