10 August 2006

Sex and the City

If your teens watch "Sex and the City" - the sex is not the only thing you have to worry about. Virtually every teen girl said the show influenced this deadly habit. "Whenever I think of how to smoke, it's the way Sarah Jessica Parker exhales, and I'm like obsessed," one 10th-grader said. "I love her, and the way she exhales is very memorable. She kind of ... elongates her neck and exhales into the air."

Some of the girls said they smoke because they think it makes them look sophisticated, while others say it helps them deal with stress. Some are afraid to stop because they think they will gain weight. "It just goes with everything, you know, your perfectly polished hands," said an 11th-grader who smokes. On the other hand, some of the girls said there is peer pressure to stay away from smoking. One of the things all the girls - smokers and nonsmokers alike - agreed on was that they do not want to be preached to by adults about the issue.

"It's better for it to come from other kids," said a ninth-grader who does not smoke. "You don't want stupid videos about like peer pressure and stuff. You just need something that's not fake."

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