20 September 2006

But I've always been a smoker!

Many smokers tend to think of it that way. But, no, you have not always been a smoker. You were born as non-smoker. There was a time in your life, before you began smoking, when you didn't even think about lighting up. Please, give yourself the opportunity to be anything else. Many people view the future through their past, but you can take yourself from wherever you are right now to where you want to be.

As you think so you become. Instead of thinking about smoking or not smoking or instead of focusing on any problem or bad habit, why not turn your attention to your inner strength? If you cannot do it without assistance, then hypnosis and meditation are able to help you. Your desire to smoke or doing anything harmful to yourself will disappear! Thousand of people have done it and have gotten these results.

See yourself ten years from now as a smoker. Notice how your skin is yellowish, your breathing more difficult, your bank account is less impressive, thanks to all the money you've blown on cigarettes. Is that what you want to look forward to? Think about it. You are able to be smoke-free. It happened with millions ex-smokers. And you are able to stop smoking too.

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