15 September 2006

Do it for your penis

Many men are now impotent because they smokedDid you know that there's a valve in your penis that traps the blood inside so you can get an erection? That every time you smoke, this valve is damaged? That if you don't quit now, it might stop working altogether? You do know. Every cigarette you smoke causes fatty deposits that restrict the flow of blood to your penis. Less blood means less of an erection, and if you keep on smoking, things will only get worse. Does smoking make you hard? Not if it means you can't get it up.

Do you find smoking relaxing? Many men are now impotent because they smoked. It damages the blood vessels in your penis. Often, you won't even notice any of the damage until it's far too late. Worrying, isn't it. Still fancy a cigarette? If you won't give up smoking for your lungs, heart or throat, maybe you'll do it for your penis.

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