18 September 2006

Gambling addiction

Everyone addicted to coffee or just to Coca-Cola. And countless are addicted to alcohol, anti depressants, cocaine, drugs, food, gambling, heroin, internet, masturbation, narcotics, pornography, religion, sex, smoking, video, or work; just a little list of addictions in alphabetical order. It seems that anything can become an addiction.

For some gambling is an extremely powerful addiction that is hard to escape. Gamblers get a high from the adrenalin produced by their bodies while in action. Adrenalin addiction is a progressive addiction where exciting events become usual and greater excitement must be reached to produce the same high. So, the larger the risk, the greater the amount of adrenalin. Those with gambling problems are now facing even more temptations: there has been an upgrowth in gambling industry. And because the increase has exposed more people to gambling, some experts believe it has also led to a rise in the number of addicts.

Gambling addiction is more than a personal financial problem. Experts consider it a public health issue, like drug, and alcohol addiction, because it affects jobs, families and mental health. Addicted gamblers are more inclined to domestic abuse and suicide, they said. People become so involved with it they lose themselves and lose being responsible in their lives. It has a higher degree of suicide than any other addiction. The degree of financial devastation is so much greater than any other addiction or any other mental health issue.

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