27 September 2006

Just quit smoking

What if you could make just one change to improve your health? The choice is plain - if you're a smoker, quit. That's easier said than done; though learn how you are able to achieve success. Check out products that can make it easier, as well as alternative approaches like meditation or hypnotism. Discover the dangers of secondhand smoke and how to protect your family and especially kids. And you should know that your body could recover fast after you do stop smoking.

Set a quit date. Pick a date within the next two weeks. If you smoke at work, quit on the weekend or on your day off. Keep yourself busy doing something useful and pleasant. Ride out your cravings; they will pass. Cut back on alcohol because it may intensify nicotine cravings. Avoid places where smoking is allowed and if your friends are smokers, ask them to join you in quitting permanently or to puff when you are not around. Ask people to bear with you if your mood changes. Ask your health provider for help with your quitting smoking because nicotine is very addictive and you need all help and support you can get. Get support from people, whether your family members or in a support group. There are many helpful quit smoking resources available online and by phone.

Quit now while you can because the older you get, the harder it is to quit. Get free of a stinky, nasty habit and get better skin color, increased energy, normal breath. Feel yourself in control instead of being controlled by cigarettes. Be able to taste food again. Get a chance to live longer. Just quit smoking.

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