10 September 2006

Smoking and dating for smokers

It was discovered that people who advertise on lonely-heart websites are more likely to smoke than those who don't. Also special websites for dating where smoking is accepted exists. Smokers are able to find single adults whose common desire is to date others whose preference is to be in a relationship with sexy smokers.

You are not going to be surprised that pictures (inside dating websites) getting the greatest number of hits are pictures of non-smokers. People, who click on photographs of advertisers, do not know the person's smoking status at the time, but the percentage of smokers was far lower among the 100 most popular photographs. Anyway smoking is not attractive and it is a turn-off for singles.

In addition, link between smoking and a poor sex life was found. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for health, but the impact of smoking on impotence and erectile dysfunction, and also the effects of smoking on appearance, can be a stronger motivation to give up and stay quit.

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