04 September 2006

Smoking-out Tom and Jerry

When Tom comes at Jerry with a knife, no one bats an eye. When he tries to put him through an egg slicer, everyone chuckles. But when the popular cartoon character takes a drag on a cigarette, that is going too far.

Boomerang, the British children's cartoon channel, said it would cut scenes from two Tom and Jerry episodes. In Texas Tom, Tom tries to draw a female cat's attention by rolling a cigarette, lighting it and smoking it using just one hand. In Tennis Chumps, Tom's rival in a match is shown puffing on a big cigar. It is possible that smoking scenes could also be cut from Tom and Jerry and other cartoons shown in the United States also.

There is a code that broadcasters must adhere to, and the portrayal of various things such as smoking must be editorially justified, smoking must not be featured in children's programming unless there is strong editorial justification, and it must not be condoned, encouraged or glamorized.

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