26 October 2006

Exercise to quit smoking

Exercise not only makes you healthier, but also helps you quit smoking. You are more likely to succeed in your attempt to give up smoking if you do regular exercise. Exercise is also help keep your weight down since you gave up. In addition, if you do exercise, but did not quit, you are more likely to reduce cigarette smoking. So, exercise training is an effective therapy without side effects and aids in smoking cessation.

Exercise can drive away the urge to smoke efficiently. Even a 15-minute exercise can calm you down. More and more smokers who have left cigarettes behind are beginning to understand that the benefits of exercise go far beyond the physical. They are finding that even a short round of exercises that increases the heart rate. 30 minutes a day exercise is actually enough to completely keep down the urge to smoke. Exercise will keep you in shape; promote deep, healthy breathing; promote good night's sleep that results in your waking rested, relaxed and proud of your new, clean, healthy, happy body!

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