16 October 2006

Love life affected

Most smokers find it easier to give up sex for a month than cigarettes and many view even parachute jumps less difficult than quitting smoking. A nicotine is addictive: the majority of smokers want to stop, the motivation is there, but nearly 3 or 4 from 5 smokers would give up sex rather than live without cigarettes for a month. In the same time smokers understand that smoking is affected their love life, but many of them have never attempted to stop smoking.

Because of traditional anti-smoking campaigns, fear of health problems is the biggest motivator to quit, but majority of those, who tried to quit began smoking again within a month. There are more targeted approaches which will drill down into the detail of how people live their lives as a whole and what levers will motivate people to change their behaviour. For example, stop smoking campaign focused on looks and sex appeal because for younger people, fears about attractiveness and fertility can be a stronger motivation to quit than fears about health.

If you have sexual health problems such as low desire, erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation, quit smoking. This will improve your health hard.

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