02 October 2006

Menthol cigarettes are not safer

Instead of going to the doctor and getting medicine I would switch to menthols. It was less harsh than my regular cigarettes. That's how the mind of a smoker works. Menthol, a mint-derived substance, causes skin to feel cooler by arousing nerve endings that sense cold temperatures. Cigarette manufacturers use menthol because it mellows the taste of burning cigarettes.

Interestingly, intake of menthol is pretty safe. But those who smoke menthol cigarettes take in a higher concentration of carcinogens and experience more smoking-related illnesses than do people who smoke regular cigarettes. Menthol has a cooling effect, an anesthetic effect, making it less harsh when smoking. So, when you are more comfortable smoking, you are probably less likely to quit. Menthol smokers seem to inhale more deeply, getting more of the toxins.

This extra intake of carcinogenic substances by menthol smokers may be the cause of higher incidences of smoking-related sicknesses. As a result, menthol cigarette smokers may become more quickly addicted and may smoke more cigarettes than those who smoke non-mentholated cigarettes. Thus, smokers of menthol cigarettes have a higher rate of smoking-related diseases than smokers of regular cigarettes.

Therefore, menthol cigarettes are not safer. Moreover, it may make it even harder to quit if you think smoking menthol cigarettes is cleaner or healthier. The solution is to avoid tobacco products regardless of menthol content.

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