15 October 2006

Real Marlboro Country

Real Marlboro Country

Although killing your customers is generally not a good business practice, the tobacco companies seem to be having incredible success. Looking at Philip Morris' Marlboro cigarettes, this phenomenon proves especially amazing. Virtually an unknown brand in 1955, Marlboro has steadily increased sales, being named the "top selling brand in the U.S. and an all-time-best seller in the world," in just 1975. Then, in 1989, it took hold of almost one-forth of all cigarette sales, and today it remains the world's most profitable brand of non durable goods, surpassing even Coca-Cola!

Marlboro Country permeates the attractive values of the cowboy, namely adventure, independence, freedom, and heroism. Although Marlboro has often been narrowly defined as a male brand, by both the people at Philip Morris and the general public, it also has enormous appeal to women. This is because, underneath the cowboy clothes is an authentic man who possesses all the qualities both men and women desire. When a man looks at the inviting landscape of Marlboro Country and the rugged cowboy, he is being exposed to a number of powerful messages. Looking at the open grassy fields, the viewer sees escape from the pressures, stresses, and routine of mundane life. When interpreting the image of the lone cowboy riding his horse, he feels a sense of independence and autonomy. Marlboro Man is portrayed as having immense control over things and his life. This idea of controllability has a dual influence, attracting women as well. Heroism and the concept of being "one with nature" also play important roles in enticing women. And, of course, sex appeal is surely at work in the cowboy's physique and symbolism.

The Marlboro Man appeal is absolutely overwhelming; Marlboro Country is more than a "paradise of the West." The entire campaign brilliantly allows its audience to project their innermost desires and fantasies into the very pages of the advertisements.

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Anonymous said...

i very much agree selling cigarettes is realy selling dreams of no srtess and pleasure...

Whats cool is i kicked the habit 3 days ago. I know I have a long road to zero cravings, but i am breaking free of that lie and i recognize the lie...

It's sooooo empowering!

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