11 October 2006

Smoking is a way of life in France

In the past, France has been evaluated quite highly, but this has partly been because French women's health has for a long time been better than men's, but recently the women also have started smoking more. Due to the raise in French women smoking, France's overall health rankings will fall now; Women have earned the right to die from smoking. The number of young smokers has increased also.

It is the end of a long myth France had enjoyed, what had been called a paradox that the French ate rich foods, drank lots of wine, smoked like chimneys, engaged in very little vigorous exercise, and yet enjoyed a greater collective health than most countries in the world. No longer: France's poor position in terms of cancer deaths can be explained largely by the high levels of deaths from lung cancer, throat and mouth cancers and liver cancer; this type of cancer is closely linked to two risk factors: excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.

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Anonymous said...

There is something about smoking that seems very French. But as in other European countries, smoking in public increasingly has fallen out of favor here. Last week, after a five-month governmental inquiry, a parliamentary committee approved a proposal to ban smoking in public areas.

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