22 November 2006

Is smoking your choice?

When many teens think of tobacco-related health problems, they think only of adults and the problems of long-term smoking. However, they should know that smoking is particularly dangerous for them because their bodies are still developing and the chemicals in cigarette smoke can adversely affect this process. For instance, children and teens who smoke cigarettes have nearly four times the risk of developing asthma compared to non-smoking kids. Harmful effects of cigarette smoking are not limited to those who are long-term heavy smokers; there is a link between short-term smoking and respiratory illness in teens and young adults.

Appealing advertising is a big motivator in the desire to take up smoking. Tobacco ads usually depict young, healthy, active people taking part in fun group activities. This sends the message that if you smoke then you can have a fun and carefree life too. There is a direct correlation between the amount of on-screen smoking teens have seen to their likelihood of lighting up. For instance, this summer movie hit "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" might influence its teenage audience not only to drive recklessly, but also to start smoking irresponsibly. The tricky thing about smoking is not usually recognized as a habit until it is too late. When it is recognized as a habit, young adult usually finds that it is too hard to quit.

Smoking is not a disease; it is a choice. Choose wisely and think rationally before making a choice. In the future, you may regret the choice you made.

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