13 December 2006

Brain health for young and old

Tobacco companies put ammonia in cigarettes that makes your brain absorb more nicotine than it normally would. Additives are also used to enhance the taste of tobacco smoke, to make the product more desirable… Most people are not interested in getting the facts about an issue; especially when doing so leaves them with a clear choice between right and wrong. Bible states, "Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord ponders the hearts." People views smoking as socially acceptable and even fashionable, this is especially alluring for young people.

Smoking not only damages health, it is bad for the brain too, and it is the factor that can put our brain health at risk. Healthier living can emphatically contribute to reducing the numbers of sick and mentally declining older people and reduce health-care costs. Social and health behavior, factors like education, occupation and alcohol consumption are connected with smoking, so smokers perform significantly worse in different cognitive tests than both former smokers and those who had never smoked do.

Heart health risk factors and lifestyle choices, such as exercise, learning new things and staying socially connected, are associated with maintaining brain health as we age, so more physical exercise, controlling alcohol use and giving up smoking will surely benefit brain health.

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