29 June 2006

There is never an ideal time to quit smoking

There is no need to wait for ideal time to quit smoking, because it will never come… If you plan to quit smoking, the simplest thing to do is establish a quit day. Consider the best time and place for you to make an attempt. Choose a day not far than a week from now and begin the process of quitting. You may fail on the first or subsequent attempts to stop smoking, but failure should not be regarded as an indication of futility, quite the contrary, you will learn a lot what you need to know to quit successfully next time. In fact, the more often you try to quit, the more chances you have for success. On average, five to seven failures occur before smoker succeeds in stopping. So, do not wait to become a victim of tobacco-caused disease. Sign a contract to stop smoking:

I will stop smoking completely by

____ (day ) ______ (month) ____ (year)

_________________ (Signature)