08 January 2007

1 hour online hypnosis

Quotation from Matt Godson's website (FreshStart Method):

'You need to know this… The conventional wisdom that you must have "withdrawal from nicotine symptoms" is a myth you have been sold by the cigarette companies – and even more by people who want you to spend hundreds on their patches, gums, pills, herbal remedies, or therapy.

Believe it! They have a stake in your having felt helplessly addicted.

Many of them want you to wait for the mail to arrive with a bundle of CDs that take many hours to hear. They want to justify their high price with a bloated package.

Others want you to come to their therapy office, or to come to weekly meetings.


You know those strong cravings you have had in the past when you tried to quit smoking? Like most people, you probably thought they were physical chemical cravings.

But I am going to prove to you – by removing all your cravings in one hour – that they were just mental habits that made it seem like you could not live without the feel, taste, and social aspects of smoking.'

It seems that sometimes the problem exist just in our head and this is true for tobacco/cigarettes addiction. Ex-smokers know as a matter of fact that physical chemical cravings are not have even a quarter of power of cravings that overtake ex-smoker at the time of stress or depression. And, it may seem strange, but there is some switch every smoker need to turn off to successfully became a non-smoker. This switch is just a power of knowledge that smoking can never help you to solve any problem or calm you down in any way. Maybe that's why Matt Godson are able to say that he knows how to make you:

'feel like a non-smoker, indeed be a non-smoker exactly ONE HOUR from now.'

Important Fact: Matt Godson's FreshStart™ method is recognized by The American Medical Association (AMA), the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and the British Medical Association (BMA).

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