16 January 2007

Allen Carr's SCANDAL

Allen Carr's last book SCANDALAllen Carr - anti smoking guru, who has advised millions to give up smoking and gave up fags 23 years ago have written his final book: ‘SCANDAL’ right under death's very nose. Allen Carr succumbed to lung cancer (November 29, 2006), because of his hundred cigarettes a day habit in his earlier years, (he quitted smoking in 1983) and/or because of many years spent in smoke-filled rooms delivering his method to smokers. Anyway, when Allen Carr was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in the summer of 2006, he said, "Since I stopped smoking more than 23 years ago, I have been the happiest man in the world - I still feel the same way."

Allen Carr wrote that he discovered EASYWAY method (15th July 1983) that would enable any smoker to quit easily, immediately and permanently. With the help of a dedicated worldwide team of therapists and millions of former smokers throughout the world, who successfully used his method, ALLEN CARR’S EASYWAY was firmly established as by far the most effective method of helping smokers to quit in the world. Allen Carr believed that in a matter of weeks or months rather than years, smoking on our planet would have been reduced to the same incidence that snuff taking occupies today. He informed prominent members of the government, the medical profession and the media in the UK (the Big 3) and was totally ignored, in spite of his considerable efforts.

This is a scandalous situation and to evaluate the true effectiveness of ALLEN CARR’S EASYWAY, and recommend every smoker to use the method Allen Carr have written his final book: ‘SCANDAL’. He wrote:
"Since I discovered EASYWAY no less than 50,000,000 smokers have suffered painful and pointless deaths and another 50,000,000 youngsters have been recruited to replace them. Smoking killed my father in his mid-fifties and my sister in her midforties. Smoking has already been responsible for the death of more people on this planet than all the wars of history combined!

Try to use this link for direct free downloading of Allen Carr's SCANDAL or just visit Allen Carr's Easyway Worldwide to download.

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