28 January 2007

Hold to a belief - you can quit

The term 'quit smoking' is exists because nicotine is a powerful drug. It is as addictive as cocaine. Negative health consequences related to smoking cigarettes might even persuade a person to quit, but there is not one right way or one magic pill that will work for all smokers. Although nicotine medications are known to help people quit smoking, not everyone is helped by them or wants to use them. What works for one person may not work for another. Some people quit smoking by going cold turkey, others use counseling services or nicotine replacement, the most important thing is to keep trying and not give up. You cannot succeed if you don't try.

Additionally, most people try quitting at least 3-5 times before they are successful. Not quitting the first time is not failing. Look at the attempt as a positive experience, progress toward quitting for good. You are learning what triggers your tobacco use along the way. Don’t give up; get ready for your next attempt to quit for good. You should stop identifying yourself as being smoker. Once you believe you can quit, success often follows.


Health said...

I tried 4 times, and failed.. any idea ?

Anthony said...

The best idea is to try for the fifth time. The last sentence in post is right for you "Once you believe you can quit, success often follows." Millions of people did it, so you are able to be free from addiction too.

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