29 January 2007

Is it possible - ' Smoking for Health and Wealth ' ?

It was a shock to find a product named 'Smoking for Health and Wealth', while browsing new health products. Nonsense. No sense? After reading small sales page, there is no doubt - John Wingert, DD Trainer and Developer want to sell this - The Stop Smoking Alternative - Smoking for Health and Wealth!

After small research, it has been found that this is real. You are able to find Wingert's product presented as 'Ancient Indian Teachings Change The Way You Smoke Forever', and in the same time with slogan: 'Make tiny shifts in mind while smoking to easily quit'. The second phrase was taken from eBay where John Wingert is seller with 378 feedback score and 99.7% positive feedback. It's free to find out that this seller accepts returns, giving out 30 days money back guarantee. Moreover, inside his own website John Wingert offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and speedy no questions asked refund during the 8 week.

John Wingert offer to instantly download his course as a single zip file, or as three mp3 files and burn them to CD's, listen to them on your computer, put them on your mp3 player or Ipod for just $19 bucks! But, behind all marketing there are words that really make sense: '… and what John wants to share with you today is an approach to smoking and life that could help you with smoking, help you quit smoking if you decide to, and help you to simply enjoy life more deeply and completely.' And with 600+ positive feedback like 'Great value, great product, recommended', it seems that this MP3 Audio Program really has the huge potential.

Click here if you are interested to visit 'Smoking for Health and Wealth website'. Please, leave a comment, if you have anything to say about this product.


Anonymous said...

It seems this is the latest trend at quit smoking sites. People coming in claiming that smoking is good for you. I haven't seen this guys deal as I'm not going to spend 19 dollars to download it, but I'm pretty sure I know the gist of it.

My guess would be that he is going to claim the reasons Indians didn't get cancer is because that they smoked natural tobacco. Chemical free. I've seen someone else talking about this same topic.

The problem with this though is 1. Most smokers do not die from cancer. They die from circulatory conditions and 2. Combustible tobacco (natural or not) produces chemicals when lit. It also puts carbon monoxide into our blood stream poisoning our blood's ability to carry oxygen. Nicotine also constricts the arteries.

I'm sure he also says that nicotine is vitamin. That nicotine was discoverd in Niacin ( VitaminB3).This is true. It is also found in foods like tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants. Well gee, it must be good for you then.

The problem with that though is that 1. Nicotine constricts the arteries, hampering bloodflow. Niacin dialates the veins. Promoting it. They produce two different effects.

2. Any nicotine (solanine) in nightshade foods is a trace amount. Also nightshade foods can be bad for people. Nightshade foods are the natural foods that seem to give people the most problems. People who suffer from arthritis, bursitis, eczema, acid reflux disease, lupus and many other diseases and conditions, are reccomended to remove all nightshade foods from their diet. Once nightshade foods are eliminated from their diet, a lot of people report improvemnet of their ailments.

Wealth? I don't even know where this comes from. I do know that in the 2 years 7 months that I haven't smoked. I have saved $8,500.00.

Between feeling better, breathing better and that big chunk of change I haven't wasted on smoking. I call that wealth.

Don't waste your money. Don't try to control smoking, just get rid of doing it. It is so much better!!

Anthony said...

It seems that comment above is more interesting than post itself. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are an expert mind reader mr anonymous.

The problem with folks like you is that you demonstrate your expertise, while HIDING your name and identity.

For what it's worth...

It's not about what indians smoked at all, it was the thinking and attitude behind smoking that made a huge difference in their lives..

Indians were thankful when they smoked, that empowered them. Most cigarette smokers I meet are bitter, resentful or smoking out of insecurity, and I suspect that causes health problems, what do you think?

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