10 January 2007

Stealth smoking detectors - smoker got caught!

If you need to detect smoking anywhere including the bathrooms in your school, hospital or manufacturing facility you should know about stealth smoking detectors. Do not assume that you know about this product, it's not a cigarette smoke detector, but cigarette lighting up detector.

This system is very different using ultraviolet flame detectors (not smoke detectors) and it "sees" the initiation of a flame started by a cigarette lighter or match. Stealth smoking detectors use unique ultraviolet (UV) flame detection devices which heretofore have been used in flame control and flame detection systems. All flames generate UV light. The initiation of a flame while striking a match or flicking a cigarette lighter generates UV, which can be detected by these special sensors. It then sends a signal to a centrally located receiver which then sounds the alarm. The receiver can send the alarm to a belt pager which lets the wearer know that someone has struck a match and which apartment number is involved.

The smoker is amazed that somehow he got caught! No cameras, no microphones just cleverly applied technology.

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