06 January 2007

True Story

Maybe someone says that you should focus on the health benefits of non-smoking life to stay off the cigs, but the true story is your need to keep your mind focused on simple thought that smoking nicotine cannot solve any crisis/problem or calm you down in any way.

Do you remember the calm and quiet that resided inside your mind before nicotine took control? It is entirely normal to feel that nicotine now defines who you are and that life without it won't be nearly as good. It is although nearly impossible to believe right now, but you are leaving nothing of value behind.

Many people say that straight after quitting, many smokers experience problems such as strong cravings, headaches, coughing and that newly-fledged non-smoker may feel nervous, hungry, more tired and more irritable than usual and have trouble sleeping (insomnia). But it seems that the true story is that the changes associated with giving up smoking stress you out more than chemical dependency upon nicotine. So, former smoker are trying to persuade himself to smoke because it is part of his life. But every smoker is able to pass the moment when smoking becomes the past, but not the part of life.

Moreover, if someone mentally and physically prepared to be non-smoker, after withdrawal stage his body and his mind will go through amazing journey of self-repair. Be kind to yourself, be patient and give yourself a chance to spend your life without smoking.

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