15 January 2007

Zerosmoke - New Quit Smoking Method

ZerosmokeMethod to Quit Smoking Is Launched in the United States and Canada. Zerosmoke, a method to quit smoking that has enjoyed wide success in helping smokers quit the habit in Europe, is a Class I medical device and is registered and listed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and will now be available in the United States and Canada.

The Zerosmoke method of quitting smoking is based upon the precepts of auricular therapy, or the stimulation of acupressure points in the ear. The product features two small magnets that are placed opposite each other on a determined point of the left ear. This magnetic acupressure therapy eliminates a person's desire to smoke. The magnets are comprised of 24K gold, in order to abolish allergic reactions. The treatment involves using Zerosmoke for three to four hours daily for six days, while continuing to smoke as normal. On the seventh day, users quit smoking without the cravings, while wearing the magnets for an additional 20-25 days to complete the cycle. The desire to smoke is eliminated at the end of one month, without the nicotine chewing gum, patches or pills.

All this plan look like many other plans for some medicines, for an instance, with Zyban, you continue to smoke when you first start taking the medication, eventually reaching a quit-date, and taking the drug for a period of time after quitting. And all of these are similar to cold turkey plan when smoker are going to set up quit day, reduce number of cigarettes smoked and try to minimize cravings in following days. Stop Smoking MagnetsCold turkey is, of course, the cheapest method of quitting smoking, but it seems that nicotine cessation cold turkey can be the most difficult, and maybe Zerosmoke, Zyban or any other supplemental method will really work for you.

In a study conducted in 2003 by the European Smoking Prevention Centre, 650 individuals (340 women, 310 men) utilized the Zerosmoke method to attempt to quit smoking over a four-week period. At the conclusion of the study, more than 84% (550 individuals) had quit the habit utilizing Zerosmoke.


Anonymous said...

I use the zerosmoke for two weeks already and today is my first day with no cigarettes...lets see what happen.
thay also offer 30 days money back guarantee.

MJD said...

They give you a 14 day window to try it before they charge, but charged me on the 10th day. & when i called the number to cancel, it wast temp. disconnected, I called the corp HQ $ they tried to track down the info & couldnt. After all of this I called my bank to let them know i would be disputing not only the charge for the magnets, but the S&H as well, they told me to wait for it to "clear"or go through & when it did, I called back & they said i would have my money back in 10 dys no matter what & they would follow up & go after the company. Needless to say, not only did the product suck, was painful & there werent any directions or suggestions, only a stop smoking book you can get from any state health office, & a piece printer paper with a picture of a persons ear with the magnet on it; no directions or scientific info on how it works or the study of it one would expect to see with product claims such as this. Follow up, file a complaint w/the BBB in Southeast FL. if not for your $$ back and to save others from this scam, but for the deception & lack of customer service, which has not answered the phone since it was disconn Hmm can someone say Sketchy?

Zerosmoke Customer Service said...

In response to MJD's comment. We contacted this gentleman several times in an effort to resolve his issues. To clarify, his card was charged 14 days from his online order, as noted in the order details. However, it took 4 days for him to receive the product, so his "10 day" claim was from the day he received the product. Our policy allows 14 days risk free before your card is charged from the date of online purchase. We also offer a 30 day return window. As for the other claims on the product, they are absolutely false. We believe very firmly this gentleman works for a competitors product and is simply trying to give our new product a "black eye" because we are cutting into their product sales. Zerosmoke works. We have sold over 20,000 in the US already and have over 1000 letters from customers who have used the product successfully and thanked us for bringing this product to the US.

Judge for yourself. Visit http://www.smokefreein30days.com to try the product and see for yourself how this product will help you to quit smoking for good!

-Zerosmoke Customer Service

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that the only references to the "European Smoking Prevention Centre" or it's president "Giorgio Gegic" are in Zerosmoke's product literature.

Falsifying a study is usually done when it is impossible to achieve the result that the "study" claims. In this case, that claim would be a noticeable effect from using Zerosmoke.

Beyond that, their advertising also mentions that Zerosmoke is a Class 1 medical device, registered with the FDA. For the record, a product can receive this registration without any physical review by the FDA. All you need to do is fill out some forms. Many quack medical products use Class 1 registration to lend an air of legitimacy to their entirely bogus claims.

As a scientist, I must admit that these facts do not prove that Zerosmoke is bogus. However, the conduct of their marketing campaign certainly does suggest it.

Quit Smoking Pro said...

Dear visitors of Quit Smoking Pro Blog. Please, believe that Quit Smoking Pro neither recommends Zerosmoke nor say that this quit smoking method is not advisable. It sounds very interesting and alike classic acupuncture seems to be efficient for some people.

Please, be sure that your success is depends on your knowledge about nicotine addiction, so educate yourself and you will succeed with the help of some quit smoking method or even cold turkey.

Thank you for reading Quit Smoking Pro Blog and welcome to support us buying great products listed in the middle of the left column.

Anonymous said...

Where is the study from the European Smoking Prevention Centre?

If Zerosmoke uses this as their basis then why isn't this report/study available?

Did Zerosmoke pay for the study? What are the details?

Thank you

xtrarant said...

classic pseudo-science style scam. this sort of thing is on par with that "Dr. Frank's No Pain Spray". Add in a tiny bit of science (acupuncture), mix in a "scientific study" that no one can track down and is only referenced by the product itself and add a dash of late night infomercials and VOILA! you've got yourself a scam that can get you some money from suckers.

Anonymous said...

In response to comments by "zerosmoke customer service"...

1) How did you contact mjd several times, considering he leaves no identifiable way to contact him? Did your magical magnets tell you who he was?

2) Why do you accuse him of working for a competitor? What evidence leads you to believe that? Simply because he was unhappy with your product? If you know he works for them, then why not refund him to avoid the negative publicity?

3) Over 1,000 letters from 20,000 customers? You're telling me that over 5% of your customers took the time to write a letter to you in favor of your product? I have never heard such a written response rate to any product (call Apple and ask them what % of iPhone purchasers write letters to them).

4) "Judge for yourself"... go down to your local craft store and buy a couple of small powerful magnets and try this yourself for a couple bucks instead of blowing $46! Remember, they can't patent magnets! Besides, most retail stores will actually refund you for your magnet purchase without hassle.

5) What the heck is a biomagnet? Magnets are not biological, they are a mineral! Pseudo science buzzword marketing mumbo-jumbo!

6) Publish the European study on your website if you want anyone to take you seriously (but of course we know you won't because it doesn't really exist). The burden of proof is on YOU!

Why do I take the time to write all of this? No, I don't work for any of their competition. I am simply sick of seeing their dumb insult-my-intelligence commercials all the time!

baruch cohen said...

I called the 800 number after I saw this product advertised on TV. Nowhere on the ad that I could see clearly or heard verbally did it say that after 14 days I would be billed for the product. It said that the product was at no cost and shipping and handling would be charged. When I mentioned to some anonymous telephone order taketr who takes orders for multiple products and reads off a sheet od specifics about the prodyut I mentione dht ebaove and why is the ad misleading. At which time she hung up on me. Nice Huh? Very professional, very credible. This product is probably a scam and it's just another one of those products that work based upon the suggestive nature of the claim. Just like Hynosis or acumpuncture etc. I believe probably the best way to quit is to suffer via "cold turkey" Where is the FDA when it comes to protecting people from scam artists like this who make claims under false pretenses and nonsensical clinically sounding studies?

Smokefree Susie said...

In contrast to everyone else, Zerosmoke helped me successfully kick the habit. These magnets aren't just any magnets as many of you insist. They are caliberated to exert the correct amount of pressure to your ear. Zerosmoke is based upon auricular therapy- which is not science mumbo jumbo. I'd recommend Zerosmoke to anyone who asks.

tbs99 said...

Zerosmoke is a joke and the company is a scam! No matter how you look at it, there is no way they can justify their actions regarding the bogus “free trial” claim they have. There is NO free trial, that is a lie. There is no friendly customer service, and the guarantee is false.
I have heard two totally different explanations from company reps regarding their refund policy, both of which are pure lies.
On 12/24 I ordered zerosmoke, confirmation email states you will receive your order within 4-6 weeks. So for the companies rep to state “that’s when the free trial begins” right there proves the company has no intensions on giving the consumer 14 days, your account will be charged before you even get the product.
I received the product on the 13th day after placing the order. So I had less than 24 hrs to try the product, determine if it was going to work, and if not get it back to the company before they charged me for the full amount. This is impossible no matter how you look at it!
On the other hand, they have delivery confirmation on all delivered packages and the one rep states “that is when the free-trial” begins, this date is verified by usps. Well, then how do you explain charging my account only 11 days into my so called free trial? Because at the time I was charged, I already returned the product. So, there again, another company lie.
I would definitely caution anyone from ever dealing with zerosmoke, bad all the way around. cost me s/h “both ways” and $39.95 and looks like it’s going to continue to cost me just to get my refund. BEWARE!

Anonymous said...

I just odered Zerosmoke, two actually, one for me and one for my boyfriend. We have read many reviews on this product, both positive and negative, and we are being optimistic. I've tried cold turkey and that was agonizing and I've tried the patch and it hurt and gave me nightmares as well as not staying on well. I am currently waiting for Zerosmoke to arrive at my door. Seeing some of the negative posts that some people are leaving are not exactly what I'd consider worth reading. Peoples experiences with different methods are all different. I see this product as a one time buy that you can keep trying with. And I think spending 40 dollars once and being able to try over and over if it doesn't work is a great deal. And if I find this isn't the method for me, I'm sure I can find a friend or relative that would like to smoke that would like to try it.

EG said...

I bought Zerosmoke to help myself kick the habit. I made it my New Year's resolution to quit. January 2, 2008 I started to wear the magnets and by January 7, 2008 I quit altogether. UNREAL. My girlfriend is happier now and I feel better than ever.

It's funny reading some of the posts on this site regarding Zerosmoke. Those who bash Zerosmoke and call it a scam... Did you try it, did you really want to quit or did you expect Zerosmoke to quit for you? People want to read real experiences not the comments of someone who immediately jumps to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

"I think spending 40 dollars once and being able to try over and over if it doesn't work is a great deal."

LOL YOU do understand repeating the same action over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity?

As for that nitwit claiming to be with the company.... How many you've SOLD has Nothing to do with how well it works or in your case Doesn't work. That's just marketing babble. But I noticed you haven't bothered to post since lol Feeling stupid?

Anonymous said...

As a last resort to quit smoking I bought Zerosmoke. I don't know if Zerosmoke works or not because the magnets were so painfull to wear that I stopped wearing them after the first day. There's $40 down the drain. Ouch.

Anonymous said...

Wearing magnets is supposed to break an addiction? The quack science here is beyond silly. Almost criminal. Folks, if you DID quit with this thing, I promise you - its a magic feather.

Roman said...

Hello fellas, My name is John Powers, I'm 82 years old, I've been smoking since I was 12. My lungs are horrible, I almost got lung cancer. I had 3 strokes and a heart attack. I recently ordered these thing-a-ma jigs and I quit smoking in 1 hour! I also noticed my erections have improved since then, Whenever I lay down to sleep I get an erection for no reason! I recommended this product to all of the senior citizens down at the nursing home. My friend Bill quit in like 30 mintues

Anonymous said...

I've been using it and think there is some effect, but it is difficult to separate my intent from its effect.

I don't find it painful as some do.

Even if it doesn't work it makes a nice temporary earring when reversed.

Anonymous said...

I am a living miracle as a result of using Zerosmoke and am in no way, shape or form affiliated with Zerosmoke. I offer my testimony below:

I have been using Zerosmoke now for about four months. The miracle that is now my life began on day one. Zerosmoke supercharged my sex life but I will get to that later.

In the past four months I have cancelled my membership to the hair club for men, stopped searching for the fountain of youth, cancelled a much needed eye surgery, and as I mentioned my sex life is like something out of Penthouse Forum.

First, my hair has not only grown back but it is dark brown and the curls of my youth have returned! You may think "big deal" but I was nearly bald. What hair I did have was gray and stringy.

There is no need to keep trying bogus youth potions, special facials, etc. Like magic the elasticity has returned to my skin and the wrinkles I had have vanished completely. In fact I was ID'd for alcohol and the clerk took my ID and called the cops because she thought I was using a fake ID. The picture on my ID card no longer resembles me in the least. That particular ID photo looks like someone elses grandfather.

I was scheduled to have a surgery to restore my eyesight. I no longer need that surgery. In fact I can now see through most walls like superman does. On exceptionally good days I can even see through women's skirts. When I called my doctor and explained all of this to him he asked me how to get in touch with the good folks at Zerosmoke so he could get Zerosmoke in the medical journal as a Modern day Ophthamological miracle.

As always, I saved the best for last. The moment the magnets hit my ear I wanted my wife like never before. Now we have great sex at least five times a week plus I work out at the gym every day. I never dreamed of working out in a gym before.

It's True!!! I feel like a nineteen year old with the stamina of a professional athlete when it comes to the bedroom.

My penis has grown by 1 and 1/2 inches in diameter and 3 and 1/2 inches in length.

SKEPTICAL? Well, would I have thrown away my prescription for Viagra and tossed my male enhancement pills right along with it if what I claim weren't true? In fact, I am able to satisfy my wife like never before. She tells me I am better than her personal trainer would have been had she slept with him. It must be true that she had imagined having sex with him because she screamed out his name by accident the first time we slept together after my Zerosmoke therapy started!!!

I just went to my fiftieth high school class reunion "the class of 1959" and everyone was saying "You must be So And So's son because you look just like he did when we graduated from high school." I tell them no, I am not So And So's son, I am So And So himself. They all wanted to know my secret.

I want you to know that Zerosmoke is my secret. Zerosmoke is not a fraud. Zerosmoke really works and can be the next miracle in your life. Don't pay attention to these naysayers who insist that Zerosmoke is a rip off and doesn't work.

I don't know if it is from my tomato seeds showing up in the mailbox with the Zerosmoke magnets therefore being exposed to Zerosmoke or if perhaps my tomato seeds really were magic seeds as advertised but I do know this: My tomatos came in much earlier than expected and not a one of them has weighed in at less than 18 ounces.

Sincerely Yours,

So And So

PS I quit smoking right after the post-sex cigarette on my third day of Zerosmoke therapy.

Quit Smoking Pro said...

Great comment from anonymous above - read it! It is fount of wisdom and black humour :)

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