24 February 2007

Stop Smoking FAQ

Is it easy to stop smoking? Maybe it's true in the beginning, but when you've got the smoking addiction, you are not going to become non-smoker with ease. So, you have to get rid of smoking addiction.

Do smoking improve efficiency? Smokers think so, but they just need a cigarette not to think about desire to light up. Smoking do not help smoker to escape from stress. Smoking provoke smoker to feel himself stressed and to light up another cigarette.

Is it better to smoke than grow fat? Smoking is more dangerous for health than some overweight. It is possible to stop smoking without gaining weight. Also former smokers are able to drive away overweight, but it is not possible to get your lung back after surgical removal. Apropos of this point, many smokers continue to smoke even after surgical operation. Smoking addiction is powerful enough to get people's lives completely. Despite the fact that smoking reduce hungry feeling, smoking will never make smoker slim, there are many smoker with overweight problems.

Is smoking help you think? If you think so, think again. Smokers have sediments of calcium in vessels. It hampered circulation of the blood and prevent brain oxygen enrichment. Also smoker think about next cigarette permanently and are able to think calmly just during smoking or right after the cigarette.

Are cigarette holders or super filter tipped cigarettes reducing negative impact on organism? No, it's just advertising tricks. In fact all this technologies are practically unavailing.

Are light cigarettes less harmful? No, they are unsafe alike standard cigarettes. Smoking lights cigarette smokers inhale more deeply, so they get lung cancer instead of bronchus cancer.

Is secondhand smoke is less dangerous than smoking itself? It is very dangerous and in some cases is even more harmful than smoking itself. Concentration of detrimental chemical elements greater in smoke from the end of a cigarette light. Second hand smokers have up to 100% more chances to get lung cancer than people not exposed to second hand smoke. Children with parents, who smoke inside house, are in poor health five times more, they have problems with intellectual and psychical development.

16 February 2007

More reasons to stop smoking

Smoking is dangerous to your health in many ways. Smoking causes heart disease, stroke, multiple cancers, respiratory diseases, and other illnesses. Smoking is not only hazardous to your own health, but to the health of people who inhale your tobacco smoke. Secondhand smoke causes lung disease and lung cancer.

Smoking is costly. How much do you normally pay for pack? Cigarettes' prices are increased all the time. Forget about cheap cigarettes. You do not only pay for a pack everyday, but also pay more for health insurance and more in lifetime medical expenses overall.

Are you used to smoking while driving? To relax in a traffic jam or to stay alert on a long drive? Smoking in cars can produce unsafe levels of secondhand smoking. Even with the driver’s window slightly open, concentrations of smoke are unhealthy for sensitive groups, such as children and the elderly, and even for the general population. Smoking a single cigarette for just five minutes in car is a serious threat to children’s health. Also smoking distract driver from the road and can even cause an accident. Reaching for cigarettes, lighting and what happens if it falls into your lap? Driving while lighting up is as dangerous as adjusting the radio or talking to a passenger. All distractions are dangerous and cause many accidents.

Smoking makes you smell bad. Not only the cigarettes themselves stink, but smoke odors in the air, in upholstery, in carpeting, in clothes, in hair. If you smoke around your kids, they smell too. Smoking is pollution that many are exposed to. It impairs the ability to identify odors and reduces the sense of taste.

Cigarettes, lighters and matches are the biggest killers in accidental fires in the home. Smoking causes about 6% of all fires. Smoking cause up to half of fatal house fires. Smoking-related fires are more dangerous than other fires because they often happen at night after people have gone to bed.

09 February 2007

Second hand smoke is a real danger

Second hand smoke (SHS) is a toxic by-product of smoking tobacco. Second-hand smoke is mixture of smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar and smoke exhaled by the smoker. Second hand smoke is also known as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).

Second-hand smoke is harmful for everyone. Why is it harmful? It contains over 4000 chemical compounds; many of them are cancer-causing substances, including many irritants and poisons. What can you do to protect yourself and loved ones from second hand smoke? Do not allow anyone to smoke in your house. If people are going to smoke anyway, ask them to do it outside. Go to smoke-free places only. If other people care for your baby, make sure they do not smoke. If you or your partner smokes, stop. If you have trouble quitting, ask your family and friends to help you.

Second-hand smoke is harmful for everyone. For your own health and your baby's health - stay away from second-hand smoke. Second hand smoke is especially dangerous for babies and young children. Their lungs are delicate. Children who breathe this smoke are more likely than other children to get sick. They may develop pneumonia, bronchitis and other lung infections. If they have asthma, it may get worse.

Second hand smoke is real danger, and should be a concern for anyone who breathes it in. Non-smokers inhaling second hand smoke share some of the health risks smokers face. Do not underrate the dangers of second hand smoke. While second hand smoke may not kill as many people as smoking does, it is toxic and claims thousands of lives every year around the world.

03 February 2007

Disentangle yourself from smoking addiction

Smoking is just a way to realize our feelings and desires. We won't smoke otherwise. To quit smoking you need to find an underlying motive for smoking and to get new behaviorial models to replace smoking by these new models.

Non-smoker does not need a cigarette to ponder over problem, or to relax and to have a brake. Smoker cannot do most of his tasks without cigarettes. Sometimes it possible, but not for long time and not under pressure of stress. In most cases smoker think that he needs a cigarette to solve a problem, but he just need to solve the problem itself, and he is able to do it only after his addiction will be satisfied. So, desire to solve a problem is tangled with desire to light up.

You do not need to be afraid that quality of your life will decrease after quitting. That you will be nervous, not able to relax or will suffer without cigarettes or something else. In practical situation quality of your life will improve, even you can't believe, it will improve. To make sure that this is true you just need to check the documented experience of former smokers, there are many resources, so, no necessity to give an example.

The main difficulty in quitting smoking consists in understanding that smoking doesn’t help you in your life. That you do not need smoking to focus on something or to relax. Addiction wants you to think that nicotine helps you to live your life. No, cigarette is able just to spoon-feed your addiction and make you free for a while. But you are able to quit smoking and to be free of addiction entirely. Millions of people quitted, and you are able too.

01 February 2007

Nicocure - quit smoking patch

The quit smoking patch was introduced as a product that could finally help smokers quit for good without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, the majority of patches on the market do not live up to this claim. They simply introduce small amounts of nicotine into your body, reducing cravings for a moment, but never fully eliminating your chemical dependence. Nicocure is a quit smoking patch that works entirely differently than other products available today, and it can help you quit for good, without any of the normal withdrawal symptoms.

The Nicocure patch utilizes a herbal formula that rids your body's need for nicotine. Nicocure patches work quickly on a day-to-day basis, allowing the formula to penetrate your skin and move directly into your bloodstream. Nicocure is fast acting, eliminating your cravings in 30 days or less. These patches have proven successful for an amazing 97 percent of the people who have used them, so they have a money-back guarantee.

Are There Side Effects? Nicocure are all-natural patches and do not cause any side effects. You may experience dizziness or nausea if you smoke while wearing the patch. However, the formula used in Nicocure makes the taste of tobacco products unpleasant, so cheating is not usually a problem! If you have questions or health concerns, you should contact a medical professional before starting the program.

Nicocure patches give smokers the chance for freedom from addiction. Even if you have tried every other product on the market and failed to quit, Nicocure's herbal blend can help you succeed. Within one month's time, you can resume your life as a non-smoker, and you can stay that way for good!