03 February 2007

Disentangle yourself from smoking addiction

Smoking is just a way to realize our feelings and desires. We won't smoke otherwise. To quit smoking you need to find an underlying motive for smoking and to get new behaviorial models to replace smoking by these new models.

Non-smoker does not need a cigarette to ponder over problem, or to relax and to have a brake. Smoker cannot do most of his tasks without cigarettes. Sometimes it possible, but not for long time and not under pressure of stress. In most cases smoker think that he needs a cigarette to solve a problem, but he just need to solve the problem itself, and he is able to do it only after his addiction will be satisfied. So, desire to solve a problem is tangled with desire to light up.

You do not need to be afraid that quality of your life will decrease after quitting. That you will be nervous, not able to relax or will suffer without cigarettes or something else. In practical situation quality of your life will improve, even you can't believe, it will improve. To make sure that this is true you just need to check the documented experience of former smokers, there are many resources, so, no necessity to give an example.

The main difficulty in quitting smoking consists in understanding that smoking doesn’t help you in your life. That you do not need smoking to focus on something or to relax. Addiction wants you to think that nicotine helps you to live your life. No, cigarette is able just to spoon-feed your addiction and make you free for a while. But you are able to quit smoking and to be free of addiction entirely. Millions of people quitted, and you are able too.

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