16 February 2007

More reasons to stop smoking

Smoking is dangerous to your health in many ways. Smoking causes heart disease, stroke, multiple cancers, respiratory diseases, and other illnesses. Smoking is not only hazardous to your own health, but to the health of people who inhale your tobacco smoke. Secondhand smoke causes lung disease and lung cancer.

Smoking is costly. How much do you normally pay for pack? Cigarettes' prices are increased all the time. Forget about cheap cigarettes. You do not only pay for a pack everyday, but also pay more for health insurance and more in lifetime medical expenses overall.

Are you used to smoking while driving? To relax in a traffic jam or to stay alert on a long drive? Smoking in cars can produce unsafe levels of secondhand smoking. Even with the driver’s window slightly open, concentrations of smoke are unhealthy for sensitive groups, such as children and the elderly, and even for the general population. Smoking a single cigarette for just five minutes in car is a serious threat to children’s health. Also smoking distract driver from the road and can even cause an accident. Reaching for cigarettes, lighting and what happens if it falls into your lap? Driving while lighting up is as dangerous as adjusting the radio or talking to a passenger. All distractions are dangerous and cause many accidents.

Smoking makes you smell bad. Not only the cigarettes themselves stink, but smoke odors in the air, in upholstery, in carpeting, in clothes, in hair. If you smoke around your kids, they smell too. Smoking is pollution that many are exposed to. It impairs the ability to identify odors and reduces the sense of taste.

Cigarettes, lighters and matches are the biggest killers in accidental fires in the home. Smoking causes about 6% of all fires. Smoking cause up to half of fatal house fires. Smoking-related fires are more dangerous than other fires because they often happen at night after people have gone to bed.

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