09 February 2007

Second hand smoke is a real danger

Second hand smoke (SHS) is a toxic by-product of smoking tobacco. Second-hand smoke is mixture of smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar and smoke exhaled by the smoker. Second hand smoke is also known as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).

Second-hand smoke is harmful for everyone. Why is it harmful? It contains over 4000 chemical compounds; many of them are cancer-causing substances, including many irritants and poisons. What can you do to protect yourself and loved ones from second hand smoke? Do not allow anyone to smoke in your house. If people are going to smoke anyway, ask them to do it outside. Go to smoke-free places only. If other people care for your baby, make sure they do not smoke. If you or your partner smokes, stop. If you have trouble quitting, ask your family and friends to help you.

Second-hand smoke is harmful for everyone. For your own health and your baby's health - stay away from second-hand smoke. Second hand smoke is especially dangerous for babies and young children. Their lungs are delicate. Children who breathe this smoke are more likely than other children to get sick. They may develop pneumonia, bronchitis and other lung infections. If they have asthma, it may get worse.

Second hand smoke is real danger, and should be a concern for anyone who breathes it in. Non-smokers inhaling second hand smoke share some of the health risks smokers face. Do not underrate the dangers of second hand smoke. While second hand smoke may not kill as many people as smoking does, it is toxic and claims thousands of lives every year around the world.

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