24 February 2007

Stop Smoking FAQ

Is it easy to stop smoking? Maybe it's true in the beginning, but when you've got the smoking addiction, you are not going to become non-smoker with ease. So, you have to get rid of smoking addiction.

Do smoking improve efficiency? Smokers think so, but they just need a cigarette not to think about desire to light up. Smoking do not help smoker to escape from stress. Smoking provoke smoker to feel himself stressed and to light up another cigarette.

Is it better to smoke than grow fat? Smoking is more dangerous for health than some overweight. It is possible to stop smoking without gaining weight. Also former smokers are able to drive away overweight, but it is not possible to get your lung back after surgical removal. Apropos of this point, many smokers continue to smoke even after surgical operation. Smoking addiction is powerful enough to get people's lives completely. Despite the fact that smoking reduce hungry feeling, smoking will never make smoker slim, there are many smoker with overweight problems.

Is smoking help you think? If you think so, think again. Smokers have sediments of calcium in vessels. It hampered circulation of the blood and prevent brain oxygen enrichment. Also smoker think about next cigarette permanently and are able to think calmly just during smoking or right after the cigarette.

Are cigarette holders or super filter tipped cigarettes reducing negative impact on organism? No, it's just advertising tricks. In fact all this technologies are practically unavailing.

Are light cigarettes less harmful? No, they are unsafe alike standard cigarettes. Smoking lights cigarette smokers inhale more deeply, so they get lung cancer instead of bronchus cancer.

Is secondhand smoke is less dangerous than smoking itself? It is very dangerous and in some cases is even more harmful than smoking itself. Concentration of detrimental chemical elements greater in smoke from the end of a cigarette light. Second hand smokers have up to 100% more chances to get lung cancer than people not exposed to second hand smoke. Children with parents, who smoke inside house, are in poor health five times more, they have problems with intellectual and psychical development.

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