06 March 2007

Quitting smoking is not a problem

If you decide to quit smoking, you are able to become a non-smoker again fast and easy. You do not need to feel terrible feelings and/or any pain. Everybody knows that people are very suggestible. Tobacco companies and another smokers tell smokers that they will have problems if they stay free from cigarettes for some time. In the same time, smokers know that they are able to sleep without cigarettes for ten or even more hours and/or to feel good for a whole evening without cigarettes.

Smoker thinks that he needs nicotine dose to feel himself balanced. However, non-smoker never thinks this wrong way. It is hard to believe that some non-smoker is going to think that he need cigarette to feel himself balanced. So, it is easy to understand that smoker needs his cigarette just to feeds up his addiction and feel himself free from addiction for some time. But nicotine level in his blood will drop down quickly, so, smoker will need new cigarette very fast. This is vicious circle. Most smokers think that they have a pernicious habit, instead they have nicotine addiction. It is really not a problem to quit smoking, if smoker understands that he is addicted. In this case, the only thing he needs to quit smoking is a real resolution to start smoking free life.

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