13 March 2007

Why does quitting smoking fear you?

Just because the fear of the unknown. You don’t know what the future will bring. Every adventure brings its own fears. Smoker does not know how to feel like person, who stopped smoking and smoker are not able to return to innocent feelings of person, who wasn't involved in smoking. Smoker may not realize that his tobacco addiction is powerful, but it is definitely true. Smoker may know that quitting smoking will improve his life from every aspect, but it is difficult to give up the certainty of the familiar for the uncertain rewards of the unfamiliar.

Many people who experience this fear will think about quitting smoking sometimes yet they may never take action. Smokers often use the excuse that they are “waiting for the right time”. However, for many of them the right time never comes. To break through the fear of the unknown you need to have the trust and confidence in your ability to quit smoking. The best way to get this confidence in yourself is to get help from others. There is lot of great online forums and web resources to get this support. You know that millions of people detach themselves from smoking addiction and you are able to quit too...

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