09 April 2007

Easiest time in quit

It is the first 2 weeks. You are thinking how much do you want to smoke and how much do you want to quit. And, yes, you are proud for every day without cigarettes. Your mind is going to say you - "maybe you give me a portion of nicotine/dopamine" every 5 minutes. And you reply "NO" all the time.

The more dangerous time is 3 or even 12 month later, when you think that your addiction was kicked away forever, but, oooops, you are going to smoke just one to find out those lost in past feelings. The drama is here; you are not get what you remember. To get those feelings you need to back to pack a day habit, otherwise you do not get satisfaction. That is why many of us need several attempts before final quit.

You should know that if you get a puff you would not get a satisfaction. To get back some euphoria you need to smoke up to 10 cigarettes and get back to your addiction. So, when you think about cigarette, you should know that you are not able to get fast pleasure, but you only are able to get your addiction back.

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