23 April 2007

Got Relapse? You are in Quitting Smoking process!

Relapse. Relapse is, return to smoking on a regular basis. Now don’t start feeling depressed, because relapse is an ordinary factor in quitting smoking process. Moreover, all those, who quit smoking have experienced relapse one or scores of times. That's why it doesn't mean that you have "FAILED". There is a positive side to everything what you only need is an eye to see it. When you relapse, you learn a lot about what works for you and what you should do to avoid what doesn’t. Think about why you relapsed, and plan how to be successful the next time. Do not wait for long before you try to quit again.

Relapse always starts in mind. If you still think that smoking is pleasurable, you are in trouble. Listen to your thoughts. Correct those that are destructive right away. There is no other way to stay smoke free. We all have the ability to make changes in our state of mind to get the lasting freedom from nicotine addiction. People who miss smoking years later have not let go of the associations they had with their habit, and usually think of smoking in a romantic light. They might even tell themselves that quitting was a sacrifice. They quit smoking because they needed to, but they loved smoking. That kind of faulty thinking will keep the chains of addiction in place. Thoughts hold them addicted even now. They still are not free from addiction.

Keep yourself in the present moments of today, and be grateful for every smoke free day you complete. Be patient with yourself and think of time as one of your quit buddies. The more of it you put between yourself and that last cigarette you smoked, the stronger you will become. The benefits of cessation are far more important than the hardship of recovery! Stay with it and find your freedom. Once you do, you'll never let it go.

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