13 April 2007

Kill your false thoughts

When you decide to stop smoking, you feel so bad with every puff. With every puff you feel miserable. But you should know that once you will be truly free of this nasty addiction, you won’t ever have to feel this bad again, and, you'll never going back because nobody do ever want to be a slave to this trash again.

Educate yourself about smoking addiction issues to change the way you think and feel about smoking. The truth of it is that if you work with yourself enough, your thoughts will lead you to a new set of beliefs, and from there, you can really quit smoking and there will be no need to keep smoking or come back to this addiction.

Smokers subconsciously think that smoking is enjoyable, pleasurable, comforting, and even helpful. And, in the same time, they also relate quitting to feelings of pain and depression. You should kill all this type thoughts and feelings and make a statement for yourself about your real position to smoking and quitting smoking.

But, please, be patient with yourself and learn a new way of thinking that will assist you in your desire to be free from addiction gradually. You should get your way of thinking in accordance with your intentions completely before your quit. Believe that you do not need to be addicted and you will quit smoking for good.

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