01 April 2007

Positive Quit Smoking

When you decide to quit, you should know that difference between "smoking you" and "non-smoking you" is just inside your mind. So what you should expect quitting smoking? Maybe you already know the answer – it is nicotine withdrawal symptoms and side effects. You expect them and that's why you get them. That's why you are still smoker. You know that you want to smoke all the time, so when you just trying to stop you are so much afraid of being without cigarette for day or even two or three days. If you think that it is war between your will and the nicotine addiction, you are going to try quitting smoking for years without success.

Yes, it's hard to quit smoking, but not because of physical chemical cravings. The main reason of those strong cravings is in your mind. Believe, if you think that cigarettes help you in your life, you do not have to quit smoking. Why should you disallow something to help you? If you find a pleasure in smoking, why should you refuse to feel those satisfying feelings? So, to quit smoking smoker should disabuse his mind of errors first. Everyone should leave all myths behind. Chronic toxic effect of smoking is very dangerous and smoking has no advantages. Discover for sure that you have only troubles smoking cigarettes - it is the first thing to successful quit.

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