20 April 2007

Quitting smoking mountain

There is wonderful story published at quit smoking about com portal some days ago. It titled as "Lesly's 3 Year Smoke Free Milestone". A year ago, there was a post about her two Year Milestone and one more year is over, and it seems that it was nice smoking-free year for Lesly. She wrote about her friend, who told her: "You think you love to smoke and you think it is so important to your happiness, but when you quit (and I know you will), you will find out that all that happiness associated with smoking is a lie. It is a cheap carnival trick. It is nothing more than smoke and mirrors."

Lesly write: "He was right! Quitting is hard – it takes effort, determination and commitment, but it can be done. You need to be brutally honest with yourself, though, and you cannot quit by continuing to smoke. You have to stop! I took my first step three years ago today, and I have never regretted it."

It seems that anyone, who gave up smoking feel the pride, the feeling of empowerment, self worth and freedom and these feelings are of the same kind as happiness! It is amazing how your whole outlook on life changes when you quit smoking. Your self-esteem gets so much better and you want to take those feelings and do other healthier things for yourself. Those, who have quitted have more patience, more empathy and peace within. Life works well without cigarettes, and freedom from nicotine addiction is a gift beyond compare!

Quitting can seem like a mountain. It is possible though, and you can quit just as surely as anyone else can. It all starts with that first step of making the commitment to quit, and taking action. From there, learning to live your life free of the addiction you've been chained to for so many years is just a day-by-day process. Do not let smoking waste any more of your precious life. Quit now and get this journey underway! You will not regret it.

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