09 May 2007

Additives add more danger to cigarettes

It is hard to determine the potential risk of non-tobacco additives for cigarette smokers. Some chemicals, designed to improve flavor and increase the blast of nicotine, are put smokers at a greater risk of cancer. Most people are unaware of the huge number of additives and carcinogens in cigarettes in addition to nicotine. The cigarettes are like dirty syringes for taking the drug nicotine, with many additives permitted. The tobacco companies have known how to make smoking safer for the years, but have failed to do so again and again.

The additive free cigarettes and going to be more popular nowadays. Some of smokers are more than aware of the unhealthy effects of tobacco smoking and understand that potential effects of smoking added chemical and preservatives can only be making a dangerous habit even more deadly. Surely, cigarettes without additives are not safe to smoke. The fact is, there is no such thing as a safe smoke. Even cigarettes without additives produce tar and carbon monoxide, which is a poison. That is the reality. Be aware.

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