30 May 2007

Quit Smoking Pro Advice

Someone ask for help inside Get support quitting smoking post. Therefore, as this advice is too long, it will be posted here as independent post.

Boy do I need support. I just happened to google your blog while searching for some kind of online support. I quit smoking on 5/8. I did the shot, followed by 10 days of medication. Ever since then I have been struggling with mood swings, basically I feel like everyday I am an evil person to live with, I feel bad for everyone I come in contact with. I feel like wearing a warning label to let people know I am a recent quitter and to be aware. Please help, I really am a nice person, how can I moderate my moods? How long will this go on?
You should focus your attention on one simple fact that you will get no reward from going back to your addiction. Particularly, you should know that if you decide to smoke again your first cigarettes will have dreadful taste, until your body set itself back to nicotine addiction mode. In the same time, smoking one stinky cigarette is not a reason to get back to one pack a day addiction routine.

I hope you understand what I am talking about - you have no choice - smoking will never help you to get your mood up, so what or who are able to help you? The most reasonable answer - you - yourself. You should live your live, thinking about what really matter for you. You should think about your relatives, your friends, anyone you care about and anyone, who cares about you.

If you are not able to live with your cravings and mood swings ask help everywhere as you asked help at Quit Smoking Pro. Ask on forums, ask friends to help you. Read what you need to help yourself. For instance. Drink a lot of water, juice, and lemonade. Do some simple breathing exercise – this helps a lot. Exercise, after heavy training you will have no desire to smoke or even desire to think about smoking or bad mood, you will just enjoy relax.

The main advice - do not think about your quitting – think about you life and how can you make it brighter. Do something in this direction and you will put yourself in good spirits. Act like positive, active, and full of energy man and you really will be fine. Stay free from addiction.


Anonymous said...

I am taking Chantrix and have this Saturday as my quit day (Aug 4, 2007). I smoke and inhale (deeply) cigars. Any special advice?

Quit Smoking Pro said...

I think that you should better rely upon your desire to be free from addiction than on effect from Chantix. You should understand that smoking do not give you anything you cannot get without it. You can do anything you want without smoking cigarettes or cigars; even better than you did with smoking. You should know that smoking isn't good for you no way! If you don't think so, you better trust me or ask yourself why are going to quit smoking if you think that smoking is good for your health or mood or brain or something else inside you.

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