23 June 2007

No magical quit smoking pill

From The Guardian – "UK National Institute for Clinical Excellence gave draft approval for the health service to prescribe varenicline, which is manufactured by Pfizer under the brand name Champix. Trials showed the twice-daily pill provided relief from cravings and withdrawal symptoms experienced by smokers in the weeks after quitting. During the trials, 44% of smokers had quit by the end of a 12-week course. This compared with a 30% success rate for the anti-smoking drug Zyban and 18% for smokers, who were given a placebo. The recommended 12-week course of treatment costs about £163.80."

Some researchers are going to help addicts quit smoking and remain off with pills. These researchers see great promise for a nicotine free way to stop smoking addiction in a marketplace dominated by nicotine patches and gums. Researchers hope that the overwhelming cravings will not kick in when patients quits smoking. If they do reach for a cigarette, the drug will be sitting in nicotine's favorite parking spot, decreasing its effect on the brain.

It seems that scientists will develop a number of successful pills (including varenicline/champix) that will prove effective, but no single pill will "cure" smoking. Doctors with high hopes have been let down before. In 1997, the FDA permitted bupropion, commonly sold under the name Zyban, as an anti smoking pill, but the drug was never the industry blockbuster some expected.

A good range of clinically proven treatments gives smokers, who are serious about quitting another choice to get help. It seems that smokers, who combine treatments with the right support, could considerably increase their chances of successfully quitting for life, but some magic pill that will block smokers from any quit smoking symptoms will never be worked out.

14 June 2007

Too serious quitting

quitting smoking beer relapse
When you are going to quit smoking try not to be too serious about your attempt. Of course, it will be simply impossible to quit if you are not ready for quitting or do not have enough resolution. You've got smoking addiction already, otherwise you don't need even to read about quitting smoking, so, you are addicted and plan to get rid of addiction. But there is one thing you should know about.

This one simple rule we are talking above is not to be too serious about quitting, because if you are going to be successful in quitting, it will be great temptation for you to think that you are master of quitting, and, so, one day you may think that you are able to smoke just one cigarette with this pint glass of beer. In reality, if you are excessively serious about quitting, you are going to find yourself returned to one pack a day routine very fast.

09 June 2007

Give Smoking the Hook!

quit smokig hook

Giving up smoking isn't easy. But you do not even need :) to leave home. You should try to quit smoking as soon as you can; this may improves your chance of successful quitting! Even an attempt to quit smoking is positive. Before you quit smoking, you need to choose your quit date. It's best to fix the quit smoking day a few days before your quit date. This will give you time to prepare. Join any online quit smoking community - they will be with you every step of the way, providing practical help and advice to get you through each stage.

Everybody knows that smoking causes lots of health problems and that it is better not to smoke. However, that's easier said than done. Some people find it easier to give up, others need extra help or may need several tries. Feeling ready and motivated is very important. Imagine yourself free from the health risks, feeling fresh and having extra money to spend. Quit smoking is the best thing you can do to improve your health. You will be shocked by how fast your health will improve. Do not try to find reasons and excuses to put off the quit day, quit smoking if you already are thinking about it!

04 June 2007

Hated smokers

There are some non-smokers and even ex-smokers, who do like to say that they hate smokers. However, in fact, the only thing they hate is smoking and only as a result, they hate inconsiderate smokers. These smokers get addicted to smoking and don't understand how much they and their smoke smells. They do not even realize how nasty it is. Non-smokers can't stand near someone, who smokes, because the smell gets all over clothes and it is very hard to get out. Smoke smells and unhealthy for the smoker and the people around him.

It's not good idea for smokers to endanger other people's health by smoking as some of them do it sometimes. Many smokers behave in an annoying manner. On the other hand, the idea to hate smokers is not good too. It can harm you more than second hand smoking. Smoking is definitely bad. But all smokers should be helped... not hated. There are many things that annoy and affect people, but everyone need to understand that most of the smokers want to stop, but they are not able to, it's the same as to drug addicts, who realize they are addicted, but there is not much they can do. Thus, all addicts and smokers need help.