09 June 2007

Give Smoking the Hook!

quit smokig hook

Giving up smoking isn't easy. But you do not even need :) to leave home. You should try to quit smoking as soon as you can; this may improves your chance of successful quitting! Even an attempt to quit smoking is positive. Before you quit smoking, you need to choose your quit date. It's best to fix the quit smoking day a few days before your quit date. This will give you time to prepare. Join any online quit smoking community - they will be with you every step of the way, providing practical help and advice to get you through each stage.

Everybody knows that smoking causes lots of health problems and that it is better not to smoke. However, that's easier said than done. Some people find it easier to give up, others need extra help or may need several tries. Feeling ready and motivated is very important. Imagine yourself free from the health risks, feeling fresh and having extra money to spend. Quit smoking is the best thing you can do to improve your health. You will be shocked by how fast your health will improve. Do not try to find reasons and excuses to put off the quit day, quit smoking if you already are thinking about it!


Anonymous said...

You either need to proof your writing or go back to school. You are part of a bigger problem this country has - you feel you are entitled to your blog but you are borderline illiterate and the majority of your comments have no comprehension.

Quit Smoking Pro said...

Thank you for your comment. English isn't my native, so, yes, maybe I am "illiterate", though I feel that my blog may help people to get rid of addiction.

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