04 June 2007

Hated smokers

There are some non-smokers and even ex-smokers, who do like to say that they hate smokers. However, in fact, the only thing they hate is smoking and only as a result, they hate inconsiderate smokers. These smokers get addicted to smoking and don't understand how much they and their smoke smells. They do not even realize how nasty it is. Non-smokers can't stand near someone, who smokes, because the smell gets all over clothes and it is very hard to get out. Smoke smells and unhealthy for the smoker and the people around him.

It's not good idea for smokers to endanger other people's health by smoking as some of them do it sometimes. Many smokers behave in an annoying manner. On the other hand, the idea to hate smokers is not good too. It can harm you more than second hand smoking. Smoking is definitely bad. But all smokers should be helped... not hated. There are many things that annoy and affect people, but everyone need to understand that most of the smokers want to stop, but they are not able to, it's the same as to drug addicts, who realize they are addicted, but there is not much they can do. Thus, all addicts and smokers need help.

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