14 June 2007

Too serious quitting

quitting smoking beer relapse
When you are going to quit smoking try not to be too serious about your attempt. Of course, it will be simply impossible to quit if you are not ready for quitting or do not have enough resolution. You've got smoking addiction already, otherwise you don't need even to read about quitting smoking, so, you are addicted and plan to get rid of addiction. But there is one thing you should know about.

This one simple rule we are talking above is not to be too serious about quitting, because if you are going to be successful in quitting, it will be great temptation for you to think that you are master of quitting, and, so, one day you may think that you are able to smoke just one cigarette with this pint glass of beer. In reality, if you are excessively serious about quitting, you are going to find yourself returned to one pack a day routine very fast.