17 July 2007

Fire at One End and a Fool at the Other

A cigarette is a pipe with a fire at one end and a fool at the other…

Two statements that ironically express the risks of smoking: "One thousand Americans stop smoking every day - by dying…" and "Sooner or later, everyone stops smoking..." Nicotine is very addictive, and breaking this addiction can be very difficult. Even after months have passed, there are those, who will start smoking again. But do not give up on the idea to quit smoking. Yes, nicotine is addictive, but it is an addiction that can be broken.

When you think about quitting smoking, keep in mind that thousands of people - people that are no different from you - quit smoking every year. If they can do it, there are no reasons that you can't. Many smokers feel that after a certain age it is "too late" to quit smoking. Simply put, this isn't true, and should not be used as an excuse to avoid an attempt to quit smoking.

You can't quit just because you know that it is bad for your health. You can't quit because someone wants you to quit smoking. Certainly, fear is not a good motivation for you. The decision to quit smoking must go together with a will that is just as strong, if not stronger than your current will to smoke.

Set a quit date at least 10 days out, and don't actually stop smoking until your quit date. During those days before your actual quitting smoking target date, prepare yourself to be free from nicotine addiction. This must be a strong decision that only you can make for yourself. No one else can do it for you.

You need to know the real reasons behind why you are still smoking. This is not an easy task, but once you have listed all the true reasons, and have adopted the mental attitude to replace smoking with other things that will provide better benefits, the task of quitting becomes much easier.

If you’ve properly done your preparation, once your quit smoking date arrives, your chances for success are great. With determination, will power and a strategy, quit smoking is not out of the question. Stay focused on your goal, knowing you have a long and healthy future ahead of you.

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